Soils are one of the
global commons

Soil is everyone's deal.

They affect our drinking water, our air quality, the ecosystems around us, and our health. No matter where in the world we are or whether we own any land.

If our soils are doing well, we are doing well.

If our soils are degraded, we suffer - and the poor and vulnerable are affected most .

This is why Terrabiom has established a non-profit arm to implement the public interest aspect of our mission.

Terrabiom Association


We bring together the soil community.


We bring together the diverse community of people that work and care for the land:


scientists, conservation managers, educators, artists, innovators, leaders and decision makers.


We enable them to integrate and promote advances and practices in order to restore, regenerate and valorize land resources worldwide.


We promote and catalyze the restoration and regeneration of degraded lands.


We foster education around the essential role of healthy soils for climate mitigation and adaptation, local biodiversity, food security, ecosystem well-being and sustainable development.


We support local stewardship of land resources for the public and projects, activities and organisations aligned with our values and purpose.


We trust in the collective intelligence of humanity.


This is why we work collaboratively to co-create real solutions for local challenges.


We leverage the best from the global soil community.

Read on to learn how to

get involved

Our Contributions

We're looking for aligned organisations, industry partners, scientists, supporters, soil enthusiasts and anyone wanting to contribute to the regenerative movement to join our #terraTribe.

We're open to learn about YOUR vision, needs and ideas around soil health and would be honored to co-create workshops, educational material, event contributions and more.


Let's do this together!