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Our Ecosystem

Regenerating lands, communities and ecosystems is a truly collaborative effort.

We are grateful for the trust, shared expertise and vast networks of our growing web of partners,

supporters and allies who have believed in Terrabiom since 2018.

thank you for trust in us!

AIT Startups academia industry training

Chantal Vroom communication training & consulting

Circular Economy Transition Switzerland

ERC Elsner research & consulting

Esteban Castle media GmbH

Fermentista Festival Switzerland

Krista Kaufmann disruptive designer

Philipp Schubiger Marken, Grafik & Kommunikation

SEIF driving impact innovation

Social Business Club HSG

Stratergix business advisory

WWF Schweiz

UNIL Hub, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

... and you?

No matter your background, you have a role to play in the regenerative transition.

If we are to succeed in reversing global land degradation by 2030, we must work together to co-create real solutions for local challenges. And we have to do it fast. We invite you to take on your role as a regenerative soil steward.

Are you ready to play your part?

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