The future of Soil health

New policies and higher ESG standards will demand novel strategies to evaluate and manage soils beyond agriculture.

Our  mission is to reverse soil degradation
and pollution by 2030



Because soil is everyone's business, 

we include industries and polluted soils into the equation.


we develop DNA-based methods

for soil health assessment

and classify them in three key parameters:

soil biocapacity  |  soil integrity  |  carbon sequestration


we support soil regeneration at different stages:  




We develop bio-based indicators for soil assessment of polluted soils.


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We collaborate with different soil stakeholders aiming to prioritise sites and customise interventions for soil restoration  

↓ This is a collaborative effort. Scroll down to learn how to get involved


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We translate soil data into understandable insights for public, private and policymakers

we support soil health for: 



We develop nature-based technologies to improve in-situ bioremediation of highly degraded lands.

Conventional mitigation is over. We restore local biodiversity and build back healthy soils.

Public authorities

We collaborate with strategic partners and the local community to solve their specific soil challenges.


Regenerating public and orphan land sites promotes groundwater quality, ecosystem services and climate mitigation.


We collect and make sense of complex data to uncover the value of soils.

Tangible, transparent and comprehensible impact indicators for ESG investment portfolios: Carbon removal, local biodiversity and community well-being.


Get involved

Invitation to register your interest to shape the movement | open from 01.03.2021
No matter your background, you have a part to play to regenerate soils.
If we are to succeed to reverse global land degradation by 2030, we have to work collaboratively to co-create real solutions for local challenges. And we have to do it fast.
We're building the soil community break the silos, quickly integrate and promote advances and practices in order to restore, regenerate and valorize land resources worldwide.
Whether you work with, depend on, or hardly ever think about soil: They ultimately undermine all terrestrial life on Earth. We invite you to join the movement.
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Few things matter more to humans than soils.


They are the foundation of food production and security, they are Earth’s largest water filter and storage tank, they contain more carbon than all above-ground vegetation, and they are the home to a tremendous diversity of organisms of key importance to ecosystem processes (UN / FAO, 2015-2020).


Soils underpin global policy frameworks, including the  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We contribute directly to five UN SDGs.


15.3 - 15.5 / Life on Land:

Reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity, restore degraded land and soil

13.1 / Climate Action:

Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate- related hazards and natural disasters in all countries 

12.6 / Responsible Consumption & Production:

Support large, transnational) companies to adopt sustainable practices and integrated sustainability information into their reporting

12.8 / Responsible Consumption & Production:

Making available to people everywhere the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature

11.4 / Sustainable cities & communities:

protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage

8.4 / Decent work and economic growth:

Decouple economic growth from environmental degradation


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We are proud signatories of Business for Nature's call to Action
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