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Publication: Why the world needs soil regeneration

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

On 22.02.2022, Terrabiom publishes a comprehensive compilation of key resources by integrating core concepts and sources from soil health, economy, biodiversity & climate and sustainable development & regeneration.

It's been published under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license and accessible for free through this blog post.


Let's face it: Soil is complex. Even more so when we try to understand soil from multiple perspectives: soil science, economic actors, policy makers, or community stewards all work with soil, yet they consider very different aspects of this precious living skin of our home planet.


We've created this compilation to help you navigate the complexity and grasp the big soil challenge we are facing, along with key concepts soils are deeply and directly connected to. It is for all those who want to enjoy life beyond today and contribute to a healthy planet, for themselves and coming generations. It is intended to support newcomers and established experts in digging into key soil health and biodiversity resources, as well as highlight related topics.

At Terrabiom, we work with soil every day. We've become experts at integrating diverse perspectives and finding common language to find common ground between different stakeholders. Picking up people from a place they're familiar with is an important part of this bridge-building work, and to do this effectively it's essential to work with landmark references from the respective fields.

Great moments deserve special attention: We are thrilled to be publishing this compilation on the symbolic date of 22.02.2022.

May it serve you in your work as an established or emerging soil steward.


In a nutshell

This compilation lists essential resources rooting four main themes. These themes are equally the core competences of Terrabiom:

  1. Soil & Soil Health

  2. Economy & Nature

  3. Biodiversity & Climate

  4. Sustainable Development & Regeneration.

We hope this may inspire you to rethink the role of regenerative businesses and reimagine the world we want to leave for future generations. You, too, have a role and agency in how we shape our soil story, together.

Discover the details behind the following statements and much more:

The majority of the world’s soil resources are only in fair, poor or very poor condition. FAO, 2015
There are a rapicly growing number of people who are rethinking how to interact with our planet and are moving from being apart from nature to being a part of nature: The regenerators. Laura Storm & Giles Hutchins, in: regenerative leadership, 2019.
Soils are not just the responsibility of the agribusiness sector. Sectors like forestry, real estate or mining also directly impact soil health, and all other sectors are indirectly affecting or are affected by soils. Terrabiom conclusion upon the finalisation of this compilation

Closing words

Whilst we cannot change the past, as individuals we can take responsibility for a systemic change from the bottom-up, starting with our own actions. There are a rapidly growing number of people who are rethinking how to interact with our planet and are moving from being apart from nature to being a part of nature: The regenerators.

In this tribe, everyone is welcome: small and big farmers, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, business leaders, legislators and governments, financial institutions, NGOs, media, rural and local communities, our families and you. We are stronger together, and the time to act is now.

In the end, it’s simple: Healthy soils, healthy people, healthy planet.


Access the full publication for free:

Download PDF • 21.93MB

May this compilation serve you as inspiration and an introduction to the hidden yet essential value of soils and natural assets. If you have been touched by it, we encourage you to accept the responsibility that you can be agent of change. Get active and care for your local place.

If you wish to join a like-minded group of regenerative stewards, you are cordially invited to join us and become a member of our association.


Sharing is caring

This compilation has been published under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license. Thank you for crediting Terrabiom appropriately when drawing from our work:

Why the world needs Soil Regeneration.

Herrmann C., Pérez C., Pinto E. (2022)

Published through Terrabiom CC BY-SA 4.0


Publications like this one are an important part of our mission to re:connect humans with the value of nature, starting from the soil up. By sharing this work with the world, we invite you to take on your role as a regenerative soil steward. Everyone has a contribution to bring, and we'd love to empower you in unlocking yours.

Do you like our work? We offer analytics, market research and consulting around soil health, biodiversity and regeneration tailored to your organisations' needs. Check out your options to join us, work with us, or support us in any way you wish and please reach out to explore how we could set up a win-win collaboration with you or your organization.

Still unsure? Reach out anyways. We love to get creative.

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