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We invite you to take on your role as a regenerative pioneer. 


If we are to succeed in reversing global land degradation by 2030, we must work together to co-create real solutions for local challenges. And we have to do it fast.

No matter your background, you have a unique role to play in the regenerative transition. Through gifting your time, talent or resources, you make possible that we can regenerate more lands, educate more people in their roles as stewards for life, and create more spaces to test the future. Together.

What is your contribution ?

Membership: Join our tribe

Our members are our closest tribe. They consist of regenerative pioneers from all walks of life who support our work through bringing in their energy, resources and perspectives, shaping our association's path.

Your benefits:

  • behind-the-scenes intel

  • get your hands & minds into the ground

  • Active role in shaping a dynamic, regenerative NGO

We're pumped to finally open Terrabiom to members from fall 2022 !

We're simply #betterTogether

Memberships are open to natural persons and legal entities.

Fees 2022:

  • normal: 100.- / year

  • reduced: 50.- / year

  • families: 200.- / year

  • organisations: contact us

Work: regenerate with us

Do you see an opportunity where our work can add value to your project, organisation or life? Reach out anytime. We love to design great projects from unusual ideas.

Your benefits:

  • shift from idea to action quickly thanks to our prototyping mindset

  • work with the pioneers in place-based, integrative soil regeneration

  • the extra spice: swiss quality combined with chilean innovation spirit

Check our homepage and our blog to get an idea of what we do, and what people say about our work.

We offer a comprehensive, complementary portfolio of regeneration services, from the soil up:

  • we regenerate lands

  • we build capacities & leadership

  • we create spaces to test the future

  • we connect the ecosystem & nurture strong partnerships rooted in our common ground

Partnership: Join our ecosystem

Our partners are organisations who are aligned with our vision of a regenerated world. They support and collaborate with us in different ways, for example through project cooperations or sharing expertise & resources.

Your benefits:

  • strong ties to the regenerative movement & philosophy

  • access to our growing network

  • welcoming & empowering environment

A large part of regeneration is to re:connect: with ourselves, with our communities, with our larger ecosystem. We're simply #betterTogether.

We take this point very serious. Our network is a key asset and enabler of our work. And we'll do anything we can to support our partners' work in return.

Contact us to find out how we may navigate the on-going transition in a regenerative way, together.

Work: Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are our terra_heroes. You make possible that we can regenerate more lands, educate more people in their roles as stewards for life, and create more spaces to test the future.

Your benefits:

  • get hands-on in our empowering & interdisciplinary work

  • enriching network of regenerative practicioners and experts

  • Give what you can: You have full agency over your role & commitment

We're always on the lookout for driven individuals who identify with our vision.

Whether you're highly trained or prefer learning-by-doing: You have unique skills. And they matter.

Currently, we're especially looking for:

  • communication talents & designers

  • IT wizards

  • regenerative changemakers from amateur gardener to experienced lobbyist

  • business & finance expertise

You have another talent you wish to bring in? Reach out & let's chat !

Donate: Fund our work

Our impact work is mainly being funded through donations, memberships and generous private funders, whilst a large part of our work is carried out by our volunteer terra_heroes. Thank you for supporting us!

Your benefits:

  • your donation is directly invested into regeneration

  • transparent annual impact reporting

  • COMING SOON: We are in the process of becoming tax excempt (fall 2022)

Each donation makes a difference. Your generous support directly funds our work to lead the regenerative transition, from the soil up.


Zürcher Kantonalbank

Bahnhofstrasse 9, 8001 Zürich

CH65 0070 0114 8044 3718 3

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