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Our urban and rural soils

are degrading

At unprecedented speed. Climate change, biodiversity loss, or social unrest: Today we are facing multiple interconnected, global crises. They are all connected to the very base of life on Earth, soils.


We don't have time to wait and hope. 30% of global soils are degraded. In Europe, it is estimated that between 60 and 70% are unhealthy, a trend that is increasing. If we continue doing business as usual, topsoil, the upper layer of soils could disappear in 20 years.

It is the time for all of us to act and take responsibility: to become land stewards, regenerative leaders, and co-creators of regenerative (eco)systems.

Our vision

A world which is re:connected with the cycles of nature,

where we embrace life's diversity and thrive in regenerative communities.

What we do.


Creating on-site and data-driven solutions to accelerate land restoration

Our integrated assessment provides a benchmark for regenerative land projects. We support pioneering projects by:

  • evaluating the land status & identifying indicators relevant to the local context

  • accompanying the initial planning and design of field trials

  • providing recommendations for the implementation & monitoring progress

For companies, land use planning & landowners


Promoting capacity building
and regenerative leadership

Understanding the value of nature and regeneration is crucial for businesses. We support you in finding your regenerative role and leveraging your strengths.

For leading businesses

creating the future today


Enabling spaces for exploration
& transdisciplinary projects

We curate strong partnerships to connect and leverage the collective experience and wisdom of soil & biodiversity stewards.

For institutions in academia,

NGOs and the public sector

How we work.


We are where the real impact happens: in the field, in the unique local context, learning from and regenerating with the local community.


We drop perfectionism and dare to create spaces to test alternatives and co-create desirable futures. Today.


We consciously break silos and build bridges between fields & stakeholders. Building on a long-standing legacy of exploration, dialogue and consensus.

What people say.

Awa Diagne
CEO, medtech startup

Through a workshop series with Terrabiom, I've realised that the common idea about soil is minimalistic. It's so much more than agriculture and food: all our life depends on it. I've committed to invest time and resources into regenerating soil health.

Theresa Karpati
Project Leader, MyBluePlanet

The educational input around soil health, along with getting hands-on with the soil sampling, enriches this active day for our corporate clients significantly – it’s informative, eye-opening, and fun.

Franziska Wick
Founder, Fermentista Festival

Thank you so much for this festival speech. loved the analogy of the history of life within one year and even though I already knew a fair bit about the soil, it was very thought-provoking.

Hi, we're terrabiom


A transdisciplinary team inspired by regenerative principles. Joining forces over our love and respect for nature and life.

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