Accelerating the regenerative transformation.
From the soil up.




Healthy Soils are the base of life on Earth.

The soil under our feet is a living system. It's home to many fascinating beings whose invisible interactions ensure our well-being and that of all life on the planet. Soil provide us with nutritious food, clean water,  flourishing habitats for biodiversity and 15 other essential ecosystem services. They are also the largest carbon sink on land, helping us to be more resilient to the consequences of climate change.

Nature is essential for healthier societies.

CC BY 4.0, Stockholm Resilience Centre

We have an invisible soil-nature challenge.

Today, 1/3 of all fertile soils worldwide have been heavily degraded or fully lost. In Switzerland, no soil is left free of human influence; this includes the most remote alpine zones.  Whilst many factors have contributed to this situation, including changing weather patterns or changes in land vegetation cover, one factor is clearly present throughout:

This situation is human-made.

It's time to turn this trend around.

The good news: We have all the knowledge, technologies, tools and experience needed to navigate humanity's greatest challenge of the 21st century.

We now need a radical shift from conversation to regenerative action across the globe. And everyone, individual or organisation, has a role to play.

We're in. Are you?

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We're building the
 transdisciplinary tribe 
for soil regeneration.

We welcome regenerative pioneers and changemakers
from all walks of life and work
to join us in regenerating our common ground.


We envision a world which is re:connected with the cycles of nature, where we embrace life's diversity and thrive in regenerative communities.


Humans had the power to cause the current global mess. What if we could turn this same power into agency to fix it? At Terrabiom, we call it the once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape a world where every earthling can thrive.

What if soils were the places to re:connect

us over common ground?

Everyone has their personal soil story. Everyone has a direct connection to soil. This makes healthy soils not only places to grow healthy food or trees, but also places to grow healthy relationships. We're here to support you to discover and embrace your role in the new soil story.

Our mission is to turn Switzerland's soil footprint into a net force of regeneration by 2030.

We work with our soil regenerative framework which guides us in this complex systemic challenge, allowing to respond to stay agile in an ever-changing world. Nature-based. Human-centered. Data-driven.

Terrabiom regenerative framework
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In everything we do,

we're guided by our core principles

  1.  Joy . Integrity . Natural Regeneration . Resilience .  Holistic Thinking . Courage 

"Restoring just 350 million hectares of degraded land could, by 2030, remove greenhouse gases roughly equal to half the world's annual emissions from the atmosphere." WEF 2022


We empower

better soil & ecosystem restoration
For land practitioners, farmers & landowners aiming to put their hands in the ground.

We offer an optimized, field-based solution to assess soil health and set a baseline for regenerative land management programs, which include:


  • Robust Field Data & Assessment

  • Soil Ecology Analytics

  • Integrated Recommendations




We boost

communities for soil stewardship
For soil lovers, founders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, artists, healers & anyone with a connection to the soil.

We empower successful regenerative projects by breaking silos to co-create solutions with all the stakeholders we need on board to:


  • Build capacities around soil regeneration

  • Co-create & upscale place-based innovations

  • Engage with soil  community and stakeholders



We translate

the value of soil
for the decision-makers with a lever

in the economy, finance, and politics

We integrate soil health complexity across scales, sectors and socio-ecological contexts to drive decision-making for people, the planet and profit through:


  • Georeferenced data

  • Data integrity from field to report

  • Customized to specific report frameworks



"In nature's economy,
the currency is not money.
It is life."

Vandana Shiva


Up Next

Come meet us in the field

Image by Mark Olsen

13.-15.08.22 Summer Retreat time! Every 3 months, our core team takes a break to check in with each other, celebrate what we've achieve, and re-align on the big picture. It's our way to keep spirits high for the marathon we've signed up to.


27-28.08.2022 This August, for the first time, the Earth Community unites in beautiful Pontresina (CH) for an applied and participatory exploration of the question: How do we come to a new responsibility and life-affirming relationship with ourselves and the earth? Terrabiom is proud to be an idealistic partner of this important initiative and is supporting the organizers both in preparation and on-site. You, too, are invited to join the dialogue!

Soil to Soul

15.-17.09.2022 Du bist, was du isst - und das wächst auf (gesunden) Böden. Lass dich von unserem Co-Founder Eric in einer inspirierenden Keynote ins unsichtbare Universum des Bodens entführen und besuche uns vom 15.-17.09.22 an unserem Stand.

Past Events

Check our what we've been up earlier this year

FiBL Connect

24.06.2022 Re:connecting to the field: Our team Mama Alice represented us at the 2022 FiBL connect and brought lots of insights from the praxis back - not to mention the many inspiring, fun conversations with fellow soil enthusiasts.


15.06.2022 We're going creative: Terrabiom was prominently represented at the matchmaking event by Kulturlabor Zürich, bringing together artists, climate activists and sustainability experts. The aim: build a dream team to engage the people of the city of Zurich around climate change & sustainability. We're on it, stay tuned !

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 17.47.04

06.05.2022 We had a great time catching up with our friends from MyBluePlanet at their annual apéro, where many remembered the underwear we dig into the soil last fall. Special shout-out to the great women driving sustainability action in Zürich - we rock!

Image by Beth Macdonald

15.03.2022 Getting together to solve the great challenges of our generation: Our co-founder Christa was invited to co-host a stakeholder dialogue on responsible consumption & production. It was an inspiring evening organised by Collboratio Helvetica & One Planet Lab, which led to many promising conversations and contacts. More to come!

embaX header

31.01.2022 marked the official kick-off of the inaugural embaX "Social impact project", for which Terrabiom has been proposed as a case study. We pitched our project, matched with our dream team of eMBA-students, and started a common journey of 6 months. Stay tuned!

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We're a transdisciplinary team made up of social innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, community builders. Most importantly, we're all committed people who care for nature.


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Meet our Ecosystem.

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... and you?
Regenerating our soils, ecosystems and communities is a team effort.
Each of us has a role to play.

Would you like to join our mission, and contribute with your skills?
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Please get in touch to explore how we can regenerate more soils together.

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Terrabiom association was founded at the end of 2020.  It is built on the strong love for nature and life of our core team and continues to catalyze regeneration thanks to our committed volunteers who gift their time and  experience. 


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